Content Marketing

Why content marketing? Because according to almighty Google, content is “king.”

Google search engine rankings aside, your company’s content strategy should be designed to deliver highly relevant content that educates, engages, and/or informs. After all, selling your product and/or service is all about meeting your target audience’s specific needs –– and meeting that need starts with them trusting your knowledge, experience, and expertise. What better way to develop leads than positioning your company as an industry thought-leader, educator, or simply a fun-loving group of people they’d love to do business with? Content marketing isn’t about making an immediate sale. It’s about slow and steady relationship building…with the added kick of helping you with your search engine rankings.

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Article/Blog Writing

SEO positioning for organic traffic growth

A3K researches and writes high-quality, relevant articles based on extensive keyword analysis. Once we know the targeted search terms, we focus on providing a combination of short-(~750 words)  and long-form content (~2,000 words) with an emphasis on delivering what the reader wants and needs first and foremost; pleasing Google is a secondary objective.

Once an article is posted, we market the blog via social media and RSS Feed Submission to 40+ link feeds in addition to full onsite SEO.

Social Media Management

Content distribution and relationship-building

A3K takes the pressure of company’s looking to maintain a strong online presence but lack the internal resources to make it happen. Working with our clients, A3K sources relevant content including industry article links, memes, photos, and more to create an effective mix of topics of interest and company‑related news. Then, we handle placement and hashtag strategies to help build followership.

Lead Magnets

Calls-to-action deliverables

  • Educational white papers (PDF)
  • E-guides and e-books (PDF)
  • Business case studies (PDF)
  • How-to worksheets (PDF)
  • Educational videos

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